Omission: a Gluten-Free Beer That Tastes Like Beer


Celiac disease—a gluten allergy that inflicts long-term gastrointestinal problems—has been a veritable death sentence to the beer enthusiast who longs for the malty flavors found in the wheat-ridden beverage (or the guy who’s given up gluten out of concern for his health). But gluten-shamers and celiacs shouldn’t despair. Gluten-free beers are gaining ground and growing on us in terms of taste. Our latest endeavor: sampling a few bottles of Omission, a gluten-free beer made by Portland-based brewery Widmer Brothers Brewing.

Our verdict: This stuff actually tastes like beer. The secret: Omission is brewed with all the traditional ingredients (water, barley, yeast, and hops) with the addition of a special enzyme called Brewers Clarex that significantly reduces the amount of gluten in the brew. Every batch is tested off-site to ensure that gluten levels stay below an internationally accepted gluten-free standard of 20 ppm. The beers are then bottled in a sterile environment to prevent cross-contamination.

Omission currently offers a lager, a pale ale, and an IPA. Want some of your own? Check it out here.

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