One Coffee to Reduced Pain

Coffee rotator

It tastes and smells great regardless of whether it’s poured piping hot into a mug or served over ice. According to various studies, it can also be useful in so many things from promoting muscle growth in the elderly to even lowering your risk of premature death. What is it? It’s the first thing that so many of us drink to start off our day, coffee. And, a recent study has just added another great benefit to coffee’s growing accolades: a reduction of physical pain.

Recently, researchers at Norway’s National Institute of Occupational Health and Oslo University Hospital had 48 volunteers agree to perform computer-related work for 90 minutes. Of the 48 subjects, 26 were pain free, while the other 22 went into the study with chronic neck and shoulder pain.

What they found at the conclusion of the study was that both the coffee drinkers and those who didn’t drink any coffee complained of shoulder and neck pain. However, their level of pain was significantly different. The 19 volunteers who were allowed to have some coffee prior to the 90-minute work session reported a pain intensity level of only 41, whereas the 29 coffee-free participants reported an intensity level of 55.

Interestingly enough, researchers weren’t even searching for a connection between pain levels and coffee. Instead, their aim was to examine pain development during the course of a routine computer-related work session. As a result, the actual amount of coffee consumed by participants, as well as the precise amount of caffeine in their bloodstreams was not known. What was known was that participants did not consume more than one cup prior to entering the work session. Nevertheless, it’s just one more point in favor of a cup of joe.

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