The One Food Most Likely to Be Ordered on New Year’s Day

The One Food Most Likely to Be Ordered on New Year’s Day

According to a new stats from GrubHub, the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering company, diners take their health-related New Year’s Resolutions pretty seriously—after the first day of 2016.

The data experts at GrubHub took a look back at the most popular orders on January, 1, 2015 (a Thursday) to give us insight into what might happen this year as well. On New Year’s Day last year, Belgian waffles were 251% more likely to be ordered compared to a typical Thursday, while Eggs Benedict was 270% up and hash browns came in at 290% up. But that was nothing compared to the number one meal ordered: deep-dish pizza—and by a landslide at 3,252% more likely to be ordered.

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But, after diners enjoy their last unhealthy binge (in theory) of the year, they switch to healthier choices, such as mango smoothies (9%), chopped salads (9%), and grilled chicken wraps (17.4%), per GrubHub.

If you wake up New Years Day 2016 with a nasty hangover, go ahead and order the takeout you crave (or try one of these 10 hangover helpers). Just be sure to get back on track afterwards. You can find tons of healthy eating tips and plans for 2016 at

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The most popular foods ordered on New Year’s Day 2015 by Region:
Deep Dish Pizza – 620%
Corned Beef Hash – 232%
Breakfast Burrito – 221%
Biscuits and Gravy – 211%
New York
Waffles – 285% Corned Beef Hash – 243%
Chocolate Chip Pancakes – 217%
Eggs Benedict – 213%
Challah French Toast – 195%
Home Fries – 286%
Pork Fried Rice – 268%
Pork Lo Mein – 228%
Bacon – 210%
Boneless Spare Rib – 196%

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