Overnight Expert: How to Conceal a Hangover

Overnight Expert: How to Conceal a Hangover

We’ve all been there: knees shaking, stomach tossing and vision blurring after an impromptu night out on the town went just a little—or a lot—too long. Do you dare try to drag yourself into the office looking like the ghost of tequila shots past? Or should you risk raising your boss’ suspicion by cancelling all meetings…and calling in sick? 

We vote: Neither one.

Part of being an adult man (and not a post-grad beer-bonging amatuer) is learning how to master your hangover. For tips on how to erase the evidence of too many cocktails and a hard night spent on the floor of your bathroom, we went directly to an expert who knows all about serving up—and overcoming—many, many ounces of alcohol. Here, Miri Kolici, bartender and manager of Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel in NYC, shares his expert tips for leaving your hangover at the door…or at the very least, fooling your coworkers into thinking you went to bed at a reasonable hour the night before.

  1. Scrub Yourself Down: And that means the full blown morning routine. No matter how much of a rush you may be in after snoozing ’til the last possible second, “hit the shower, brush your teeth and do a full shave,” he says. “Put on a nice outfit—but don’t dress up more nicely then you normally do, or overstyle your hair “or you’ll set off alarm bells.” Although alcohol can be detected through your pores, at least make sure your breath doesn’t give your hangover away. “Bring a toothbrush to work and brush your teeth throughout the day,” adds Kolici. 
  2. Get Sweaty: It sounds a bit brutal, but If you have access to a gym, hit the steam room . “Sweating out the toxins will make you look and feel less like you’re nursing a hangover,” he says.
  3. Hide: It may sound like a no-brainer, but Kolici cannot stress this enough: Avoid contact with superiors. “The less interaction your have with coworkers or bosses,” he says, “The less time you’ll be forced to act normal and the more time you’ll have to recover from hard times.”
  4. Protect Your Eyes: Kolici suggests covering your eyes with a cold compress for 5 minutes before work (like a wet towel or washrag) in order to make your eyes less puffy.  “Most importantly, don’t leave home without your eye drops!” he says .”Use them for redness but don’t overdo it..two drops in each eye should be enough to make you look a little more bright eyed.”

One thing you should never try: Wearing sunglasses to hide your eyes and the pain you’re feeling. In case you hadn’t noticed when co-workers pull the same stunt: They’re a dead giveaway. 

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