Pabst Blue Ribbon Officially No Longer Fun

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Pabst Blue Ribbon, the beer your drunk uncle wouldn't even touch in 1999, but ended up becoming cool among young people in tight pants by 2000 thanks to a wave of nostalgia and irony, is no longer fun. 

John Cena is the last good guy left in this world of anti-heroes as heroes. You might not like him when his music hits and he makes his entrance to the WWE ring on Monday nights, but there's no arguing that Cena has proven himself to be a workhorse not just for his company, but also constantly paying tribute to the troops and granting countless wishes to sick kids

I honestly don't know what kind of a person John Cena is when the camera isn't on him, but sending him a cease and desist letter and then gloating about it on social media like you just won the title at Wrestlemania really seems like an ill-advised plan. Sure, we all saw the shirt when Cena showed up on Raw and thought that, yup, that looks a little like the PBR logo, and the company obviously has the right to protect its trademark. But is it really that big of a deal that Pabst has to try to publicly drag the greatest wrestler in the world, a dude with over eight million Twitter followers, and somebody who has had ample screen time in big blockbuster films from Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and Amy Schumer

Seems a little like sour grapes, or maybe really bitter, crappy beer. 

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