Paris Goes Full Paris, Adds Sparkling Water Fountains to all 20 Neighborhoods

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Screw a La Croix, Parisians just need to step into a park these days to get that sweet, sparkling fix.

The Paris city government has announced they will install a sparkling water fountain in each of the city’s 20 neighborhoods. The new fountain initiative looks to keep those dwelling in the city hydrated and cut down on plastic water bottle waste, according to the New York Post

The fountains, known as Fontaine Pétillante, will dispense carbonated tap water. Eight of them have been wetting whistles since 2010, but 12 more are being installed with the first recently going in near Canal Saint-Martin. 

When that first fountain was installed in 2010, head of the Paris water board Anne Le Strat said people always told her they’d drink more water if it was carbonated. “Now they’ve got no excuse not to,” she told the French magazine 20 Minutes at the time. 

That's right. They have sparkling water fountains here. #Paris #sparklingwaterfountain

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A CityLab reporter went and tracked a sparkling French fountain down and was more than pleased with the liquid results. The water was “utterly delicious.” Feargus O’Sullivan went on to say the water was, “Cool but not icy, it’s extremely fizzy, with a really fine prickle of bubble mousse that was almost like the mouth-scratchingly effervescent Vichy mineral water older French people drink for vague reasons of health.”

So, just a bit different than the stuff outside an American public restroom.