PBR and Natural Light Join the Fizzy Drink Craze With Their Own Hard Seltzers

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This summer is going down in history as the summer of seltzer, with brands like White Claw enjoying a massive jump in sales over the past few months. Now Pabst Blue Ribbon and Natural Light are getting in on the action: Yesterday, the companies both released their own hard seltzers. PBR debuted Stronger Seltzer, a lime-flavored spiked seltzer, and Natty launched Natural Light Seltzer in “Catalina Lime Mixer” and “Aloha Beaches” flavors. According to the brand’s Instagram page, Natural Light Seltzer hits shelves later this month, but Stronger Seltzer is now on sale in select markets across the U.S., Yahoo! and other outlets report.

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PBR teased the new release on Instagram over the weekend, and it follows the release of another non-beer beverage, Hard Coffee, which PBR introduced earlier this year. At 8 percent ABV, Stronger Seltzer muscles out regular PBR (4.8 percent ABV) and rival seltzers White Claw (5 percent ABV) and Natural Light Seltzer (6 percent ABV) in alcohol content—a stat that PBR plays up on its website. The new drink is now available in Texas, Arizona, California, and Montana, though it’s not clear what other markets PBR might expand to.

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Natural Light announced its seltzer product on Twitter and Instagram on Monday. The Catalina Lime Mixer version is a cherry-lime flavor, and Aloha Beaches is a mashup of mango and peach flavors. According to VinePair, Natty’s seltzers should retail for about 20 percent less than its competitors’ offerings. When they go on sale, they’ll be available in 12-packs, 24-packs, and as individual 25-ounce cans.

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But you can also grab some Natty Seltzer for free: The brand is giving away 10 cases of the new drink to 100 lucky sweepstakes winners across the U.S. Cheers to that.

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