Put Down That Bong, Canada, You’ll be Drinking Your Weed in 2018

 Image via Getty

No more sloppily rolling joints or searching for misplaced bowls, Canadians, in 2018 you’ll be guzzling your marijuana.

The company that owns Corona, Constellation Brands, has gotten into the weed sales game and they’re sticking with beverages as their delivery system. Per a CNN Money report, the company purchased a 10% stake for $190 million of Canopy Growth Corporation. That company sells medical marijuana and looks to enter the legal pot selling market when Canada legalizes, as early as next year

CEO of Canopy Bruce Linton told CNN the companies plan on creating a non-alcoholic, weed-based drink. He also touted this item would contain zero calories and would not bring on any hangover effects. There was no mention of possible flavors. 

American pot enthusiasts will have to wait to wet their weed whistles however. Constellation CEO Rob Sands said in a statement the company had no plans of selling marijuana products in the US until it was “legal on all levels.”