Reese’s Will Let You Swap Your Bad Halloween Candy for Peanut Butter Cups

reeses candy converter
Courtesy of Reese's

Whether you’re out trick or treating tonight or just grabbing sweets from the office candy bowl, there’s nothing worse than getting a handful disappointing treats on Halloween. That’s where Reese’s steps in. According to a video posted on the company’s Twitter account, 90 percent of Americans wish they could exchange their Halloween candy for treats they actually enjoy. But from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Halloween in New York City, trick-or-treaters will have the chance to do just that.


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The company will place a “Reese’s Candy Converter” vending machine on 5th Avenue near New York’s Washington Square Park, and it’ll be packed with 10,000 peanut butter cups for all candy swapping needs. Just bring your unwanted sweets (or “disappointments,” as Reese’s calls them), place them inside the machine, and wait for the peanut butter candies to come pouring out.

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For those not in the NYC area, you’ll have to resort to exchanging your candy the old fashioned way, but there may be hope for another sweet exchange next year.

“We love the feedback from our fans,” Anna Lingeris, a spokeswoman for Reese’s, told CNN. “Maybe we will bring the Reese’s Candy Exchange to other cities; stay tuned for Halloween 2019.”

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