Men's Journal

Rosé by Another Name

 Photograph by Christopher Testani

First off, let’s bust the myth one last time: Rosé is not just for girls. The wine is now so popular with guys that it has a hashtag: #brosé. And the next frontier in pink is here: beers and ciders that have the same refreshing zest as rosé but go down like light lagers. Brewers match the tint and acidity of rosé by infusing their creations with grape skins, just as winemakers do, but they also add fruit, like raspberries, and hibiscus flowers. The results are pleasantly deceiving. “The cider tastes like something from Provence rather than a blueberry-apple product from Vermont,” says Kris Nelson of Citizen Cider, maker of  bRosé. Why the b? “Calling it that made it OK for dudes to have a pink drink,” he says. Which is great, if you need that sort of reassurance.