Ryan Reynolds Gave an 84-Year-Old Her First ‘Legal’ Drink on Leap Day

Ryan Reynolds Leap Day gin
Erik Pendzich / Shutterstock

By the power of Leap Day, Ryan Reynolds gave a 21-year-old woman her first “legal” drink. Because the woman, Arlene Manko, was actually born on Feb. 29, 1936—a Leap Day. So she’s technically both 21 and 84. Luckily, Reynolds and his brand, Aviation Gin, stepped in to deliver Manko her first legal taste of booze.

“I was technically 5 years old when I got married,” Manko says in Reynolds’ Instagram post. “I had seven kids in 10 years. You think sometimes I didn’t want to drink?”

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And who better to rectify 63 years of watching your closest friends be able to drink legally when you can’t than Ryan Reynolds? So Reynolds cracks open the Aviation Gin and pours for Manko what seems to be just a tall glass of straight gin—good luck, Arlene—to celebrate. So with the candles lit, the streamers up, and the camera rolling, Manko took her first “legal” sip of liquor.

The Deadpool and 6 Underground star’s gin recently made it into the Westminster Dog Show and helped the actor reignite his longtime faux-feud with Hugh Jackman. After the brand’s debut, we named Reynolds’ gin among the best celebrity liquor brands on the market, fit for 21-year-olds and 84-year-olds alike.

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