Ryan Reynolds Wasn’t Busy Enough, So Now He’s the Face of a Gin Brand

Ryan Reynolds is a part owner and new face of Aviation Gin.
Aviation Gin

If his resume wasn’t impressive enough, actor Ryan Reynolds (star of Deadpool, Green Lantern, Van Wilder, and Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place), is now the part owner of a gin brand.

The brand in question is Aviation Gin, a Portland, OR-based company whose “summer gin” uses less juniper than most other distillers. In a statement, the actor boldly called it the “best tasting gin in the world.”

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It’s hardly a new side project for a famous guy to buy a stake in an alcohol company. Drake does it with his Virginia Black line of bourbon, and the same goes for George Clooney and Casamigos tequila. But neither one of those brands has revealed their notable investors’ email addresses. In a stroke of genius marketing, the company has provided the public with Reynolds’ company email (ryan@aviationgin.com). Feel free to try and pass along any bright ideas or CVs you might want to send it, but know that you’ll definitely receive this out-of-office message, which cracks wise on why the actor wanted to buy a stake in the company, and what exactly he’ll be doing in his day-to-day role there:

Thank you for your email and interest in Aviation American Gin! I’m away from my desk at the moment but will respond the moment they give me a desk.

About a year ago, I tried Aviation for the first time. Since that day, I’ve spent my time finding some way to infiltrate the company. I did this for one simple reason: It’s the best damn gin on the planet. Period.

My responsibilities here at the company are vast. I’ll spend my days being photographed intermittently clinching my jaw muscles while pointing at things and nodding. I’ll drink Aviation Gin. I’ll sit in board meetings, imagining my very own Red Wedding.

I don’t know whose idea it was to allow me into the gin business, but I can assure you, there are smarter, more reasonable people in charge.

Thank you again for your email… If the matter is urgent, please contact my secretary, Bruce, who’ll respond the moment I get a secretary named, Bruce. 

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Besides boosting Aviation, Reynolds will next be seen getting all meta in Deadpool 2, which hits theaters May 18, 2018.

Take your passion. And make it happen. #Deadpool

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