Samuel Adams Celebrates 30 Years of All-American Beer

 Courtesy Sam Adams

You might see the ubiquitous logo everywhere today, but when Samuel Adams first started making beer in 1984, your local store mostly stocked bottles and cans from a handful of older breweries. You didn’t have the wide selection of craft beers from independent breweries from all over the country that you have these days.

Flash-forward to 2014, Sam Adams shares the largest American-owner beermaker title with Yuengling, and it all started when Jim Koch started brewing his family’s Louis Koch Lager recipe. It’s the dream come crew for any homebrewer, but as these photos show, it took three decades of hard work to make it to the top. 

Jim Koch in 1986, when Boston Lager made it into the White House fridge.

Jim Koch with some of his many beer medals.

Jim Koch in a dunk tank of stale beer

Jim Koch selling Boston Lager in the early days of the company.