Satan’s Whiskers

Satan’s Whiskers

Not in the mood for the bloat that goes along with beer? Knock back a couple of Satan’s Whiskers—the juniper berries in gin act as a diuretic, meaning you won’t retain water (although you will be hitting the head a lot more). On the upside, if it’s a buzz you’re looking for, you’ll need to drink fewer of these to catch it—the calorie and carb content is comparable to that of beer, but this baby packs a hell of a lot more punch.


3 ⁄4oz Bombay gin
3 ⁄4oz Dry Vermouth
3 ⁄4oz Sweet Vermouth
1 ⁄2oz Grand Marnier
Splash orange juice
Dash bitters

[1]Mix ingredients in a shaker with ice. [2]Strain into a martini glass. [3]Garnish with a flamed orange peel. [4]Serve.

Nutrition facts for drink shown: 173 calories