Science Links Spicy Food and Manhood

Science Links Spicy Food and Manhood

Yes, that one time you sucked back three Habanero peppers to prove your manhood may actually prove your manhood – if you enjoyed it, at least. 

A study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior found a correlation between men who like spicy food and the amount of testosterone they carry. Researchers brought 114 males between 18 and 44 into a lab, measured their testosterone levels, and then fed them a meal. 

Naturally, during the experiment many of the men asked if someone could “please pass me the hot sauce, bro.” The amount each man poured onto his food correlated with the amount of testosterone in his system.

From Time:

“How much capsaicin—the chili pepper compound that makes them spicy—a man likes has been linked to social dominance, aggression and ‘daring behaviors,’ the study authors write. “Conversely, low testosterone levels have been associated with lethargy or depressive mood.’”

So, manly men, chug that Sriracha, grow that chest hair, and be confident that science has your back the next time you are dared to chomp on a raw Ghost pepper. 

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