Scientists Warn of Cookie Dough Dangers

Scientists Warn of Cookie Dough Dangers

Sneaking a couple innocent bites from a log of raw cookie dough seems like it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but now scientists are warning that it’s much more dangerous than consumers might think.

Following a 2009 E. coli outbreak, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study comparing 36 healthy people with 36 people who were infected by E. coli during the outbreak. The one factor the people who got sick all shared? Eating raw cookie dough.

“What our report shows is that you shouldn’t eat cookie dough raw, no matter where it comes from,” a medical epidemiologist and the report’s lead author Dr. Karen Neil told MSNBC.

Following their discovery, the researchers investigated several cookie dough manufacturing plants, and sure enough, they found E. coli, although they couldn’t pinpoint the specific ingredient that was the culprit for the contamination.

But cookie dough ice cream fans can rest assured that they won’t get sick. The cookie dough in ice cream was manufactured specifically to be consumed raw. Ready to bake cookie dough, on the other hand, should only be eaten baked.