Sierra Nevada Signs Up 12 Breweries in Seven Countries for Beer Camp 2017

 Courtesy Sierra Nevada / Facebook

Since 2014, Sierra Nevada has released its collaborative “Beer Camp” 12-pack, in which the Chico, California–based brewery collaborates with brewers from around the country to craft a truly variety-packed variety pack of inventive brews. This year, Beer Camp fans and craft beer drinkers nationwide can look forward to an even bigger release this June: Beer Camp Around the World.

While Beer Camp Across America in 2014 saw Sierra Nevada hop on a bus to brew collaboration beers with 12 craft breweries around the country, and in 2016, the project supersized to include five breweries per beer for 12 “super collaborations,” All About Beer recently reported that in 2017, Beer Camp’s influence will stretch around the globe with half the beers brewed with U.S. brewers, and the other half with brewers from around the world.

International collaborators will include Ayinger Brewery of Aying, Germany; Duvel of Breendonk, Belgium; Fuller’s Brewery of London; Garage Project from Wellington, New Zealand; Kiuchi Brewery from Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan; and Mikkeller of Copenhagen.

Stateside collaborators will include Avery Brewing Co. of Boulder, Colorado; Boneyard Beer of Bend, Oregon; Saint Arnold Brewing Co. of Houston; Surly Brewing Co. of Minneapolis; The Briery of Placentia, California; and Tree House Brewing Co. of Monson, Massachusetts.

Beer styles for the internationally influenced variety pack will span the traditional (like a Dunkel Weisse and a smoked porter) to the new wave (one beer will be an “East Meets West IPA” with Tree House Brewing) to the downright outrageous, with one beer’s recipe inspired by a Thai iced tea.

All 12 beers will be brewed at Sierra Nevada’s Chico location, All About Beer reported.

Sierra Nevada brewer Brian Grossman told the beer magazine:

“The first year we did the bus [across America] and that was insane. Year two we did the super groups, and then how do you make it even bigger again? So that’s when we said, ‘Let’s go across the globe.’ I have no idea what we’re going to do next year.”

Beer Camp Across the World will be a limited-release 12-pack sold in the U.S. only. The variety pack will be available in June and will retail for $25.