Six Craft Beers That’ll Add a Summer Vibe to Fall

Summer beer vibes.

Technically speaking, summer is over. But we’ve got six ways (and by ways, we mean craft beers) to help you get those long, sunny days to stick around a little longer. Keep reading to see what we’re drinking this fall.

10 Barrel Brewing Pub Beer Lager
Courtesy of 10 Barrel

Pub Beer | 10 Barrel Brewing Co. | Bend, OR

Set a few of 10 Barrel Brewing Co.’s lagers on ice before you fire up the mower for one last pass across the grass. When you’re done, kick your shoes off and crack open one of their 16-ounce cans.

You’ll be treated to a cold, light, crisp beer that goes down easy and keeps you coming back for more. Cheap fun? Heck yeah, we’re in.

Bench Life Beer
Courtesy of Bench Life

Bench Life | Green Bench Brewing Company | St. Petersburg, FL

The world is a complicated place these days. But no one said your beer had to be that way.

If you’re looking for something refreshing, consistent, and straightforward, we recommend Green Bench Brewing Company’s lager, Bench Life. There’s no need for a koozie, as you’ll have this easy-drinking beer finished just in time to grab another.

Elysian Contact Haze
Courtesy of Elysian

Contact Haze | Elysian Brewing | Seattle, WA

A lot of breweries are making Hazy IPAs these days, but Elysian’s Contact Haze stands out from the crowd. It’s citrusy and hoppy without being ‘too much’ of either.

For those of you looking for a balanced hazy IPA to drink next to the campfire, this is it. Buy in bulk. Better yet, buy a six-pack for yourself and deliver another to a buddy. We could all use a little pick me up these days.

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Wicked Weed Brewing Fresh Pressed
Courtesy of Wicked Weed

Fresh Pressed | Wicked Weed Brewing | Asheville, NC

This wheat beer by Wicked Weed Brewing is brewed with mango, pineapple, and guava. It has a slightly hazy color and a citrus smell to it. On the tongue, it tastes like pure summer.

If Fresh Pressed wasn’t in your cooler during June-July-August, don’t worry, you can get these craft beers all year-round. Those of you trying to keep fall at bay would do well to stock up on this beer. But don’t blame us if you end up searching for flights to the tropics after a few of these.

Funk Brewing Silent Disco
Courtesy of Funk Brewing

Silent Disco | Funk Brewing | Emmaus, PA

We’re not much for complaining, but even if we were, we’d have a tough time finding something bad to say about Funk Brewing’s Silent Disco.

It’s bold, it’s slightly fruity––with predominant notes of pineapple and melon––and it may result in a few dance moves. If you like unique, unfiltered beers, you’ve got to get your hands on this one. It’s our favorite post-trail beer of the summer.

Oxbow Brewing Farmhouse Pale Ale
Courtesy of Oxbow Brewing

Farmhouse Pale Ale | Oxbow Brewing Co. | New Castle, ME

Oxbow Brewing Co.’s Farmhouse Pale Ale is packaged in 11.2 fl oz. bottles, proving the theory that good things come in smaller packages.

This saison is to be savored, not chugged. It’s got one foot squarely set in summer with its bright flavors and blonde color, but its other foot is firmly planted in fall with piney flavor and hints of coriander. If you’re in denial of the changing seasons, this is a good beer to work through the transition and ease into flannel.

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