Sponsored: SlimFast Campaign Proves It Can Be Your Thing Too

Sponsored: SlimFast Campaign Proves It Can Be Your Thing Too

SlimFast recently kicked off a new ad campaign called “It’s Your Thing” targeted to those of us living today’s fast-paced, contemporary lifestyle. SlimFast has helped supplement the diet and nutritional needs of fit consumers for decades and now they have aligned themselves with the ever-growing needs of the 21st centuries’ busiest of bodies. Packed with protein (up to 20g), fiber and 24 essential vitamins and minerals, SlimFast makers say it can control hunger for up to four hours, help you see real results in just one week, and is clinically proven to help you lose weight fast and keep it off. 

“SlimFast is convenient to anyone in a modern world,” says the brand’s CEO, Chris Tisi. “Whether you’re a college kid trying to lose the ‘freshman 15,’ a first-time mom saddled with new responsibilities or an athlete looking for a healthy edge, SlimFast products provide an effective, safe and convenient solution.”

SlimFast products are a good on-the-go choice for any snack or light meal. Not to mention, a great solution for staying healthy and losing weight.

The fitness brand will be releasing a new commercial, which was shot in New York City last month and showcases the drinks universal ability to fit into today’s modern lifestyles, in the coming weeks. Check out a sneak peek of the commercial below!

For more info on this, check out SlimFast.com or on social media under the hashtag, #ItsYourThing.