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While the pandemic may still be going on and a lot of us are still stuck at home, that doesn’t mean school stopped existing. For anybody who is off on their own for college, they know full well they aren’t on an extended break. You may not be in class, but you still have class. And it can get pretty annoying having to deal with classes and schoolwork while making your meals during the day. But that doesn’t have to be the case when you start using Freshly.

There are a lot of meal delivery services out there these days. These services are all about conveniences in a normal time, so you can only imagine how convenient these services have been in the middle of a pandemic. And few of them are as dedicated to delivering healthy meals as Freshly does. The kinds of meals that will give you all the fuel that you need to tackle your assignments with all the focus you need to really succeed.

Getting into the groove of the at-home school day is a whole lot easier without having to stop and make a meal. Get your ingredients and portion them out correctly, sitting around and waiting for the meal to cook. There’s none of that anymore when you start using Freshly. Because the meals that come to you from this wonderful service arrive fully prepared, ready to eat in just 3 minutes worth of heat-up time in the microwave.

The convenience provided by these Freshly meals is hard to overstate. Although you might initially think that a meal ready to eat in just 3 minutes isn’t the most appetizing proposition. But these prepared meals aren’t thrown together like a TV dinner. No. These meals are made by professional chefs who know how to make a meal that will knock your socks off.

Since we should be avoiding restaurants, for the time being, these meals from Freshly are just as good. Better even. Because restaurants tend to overpack an order with too much food. And when you overeat, you can be sluggish and less focused. It’s no good. But the team making up developing these meals is not trying to demolish your gut. Each meal is made with the exact right portions one needs for a meal. One serving per meal.

That isn’t the only area where Freshly takes health into account. Because these chefs have some standards to live up to. The Freshly standard. Health is the focus of these meals. So no more refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup. When you get a meal from Freshly, it’s made with the best ingredients around to keep you operating at peak performance for your schooling.

Start Using Freshly

Choosing your meals is as easy as can be too. When you start using Freshly, you get to choose your meals at the beginning of the week. However many you get under your plan, be it 4 meals a week all the way up to 12 meals a week, you fill up your cart, and you’re good to go. Choosing from a menu of over 40 meals made by professional chefs. And not just the same ole 40 each time out. At the beginning of every week, you will get to choose from new options.

Looking over the variety of meals available every week is a sight to behold. These chefs are not playing around. And when you realize that each meal is made to keep you as hearty and healthy as possible, you’ll be even more impressed. Chicken parm or a three-bean ancho turkey chili bow that won’t leave you feeling weighed down and exhausted after a meal? How can you pass up that kind of fuel for your day of hard work?

When you’re working on school assignments at home, you want to make things as easy as possible. An easy way to streamline your day when you’re dealing with school this semester or the next is to cut out meal prep. You don’t need to do it when you get chef-prepared meals delivered to your door that can be ready to eat in 3 minutes’ time. Professionally made to keep you healthy and nourished. That’s the Freshly way.

So sign up for a meal plan now. Meal plans start as low as $11.49 a meal for a 4 meal a week plan all the way to 12 meals a week at a rate of $8.49 a meal. Once you start enjoying these meals in between lessons, you will be practically waiting at the door for your next order to come in. Start using Freshly now and you won’t need to waste time making your own meals anymore.

Get It: Sign up for meal plans at Freshly today! Use code LAUNCH15 when you sign up for the first time, you will get $60 off your first four weeks!

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