Why Stone Brewing Company Is Suing MillerCoors

Image via Youtube

A big beer fight is brewing.

Stone Brewing Company is filing a lawsuit against one of the largest brewing companies in the world,” is how Stone co-founder Greg Koch kicked off a new YouTube video on the brewery’s channel posted yesterday. The 22-year-old brewery believes MillerCoors is deliberately creating “confusion” in the marketing place by now selling its Keystone light brand as simply “Stone.” In the below video, Koch holds up a new can of Stone Light and laughs, saying how his company would never be associated with the L word.

Koch goes on to say that all the beer giant has to do is one thing: “Put the ‘Key’ back in ‘Keystone.'”

“Stop using Stone as a stand-alone word, because when it comes to a stand-alone word in the world of beer, it’s ours. We believe we are in the right, and so we are going to do what we feel we have to do.”

At the beginning of the video, Koch also doesn’t hold back busting the chops of other craft breweries that have “sold out” to MillerCoors and InBev and he certainly isn’t the first to take these shots as well. Recently the Brewer’s Association launched a campaign to buy Anheuser Bush InBev titled “Let’s Take Craft Back.”

Men’s Journal has reached out to MillerCoors for comment.

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