Suds and Buds: a Colorado Brewery Has Created Marijuana-Infused Beer

Suds and Buds: a Colorado Brewery Has Created Marijuana-Infused Beer

Life is tough, man. It’s 2016, and unless you live in a select few states, you still gotta buy beer from a store and your weed from, well, not a store.

But thanks to good old-fashioned American ingenuity and the allure of mind-altering chemicals, a Colorado brewery has solved the problem for us all by creating cannabis-infused beer—”cannabeer,” for short.

And might be coming to a liquor store near you.

General Washington’s Secret Stash, an IPA created by Dad and Dudes Breweria in Aurora and brewed with cannabis, has been federally approved for sale around the United States.

“You know when we first released everybody believed, oh a Colorado brewery doing that make sense. But they didn’t think we could sell it outside Colorado,” brewmaster Mason “Dude” Hembree told Denver’s KUSA. “The coolest part is the fact that we can bring the debate about cannabis and beer to the entire country.”



But there’s a catch: It won’t get you high.

Legally, the brewers weren’t allowed to brew THC, the chemical in marijuana that causes a high, into the beer. Instead, the brewers used other parts of the cannabis sativa plant—like the stems and stalks—which don’t contain THC, but do contain the plant’s non-psychoactive cannabinoids, according to the company’s KickStarter page. (The beer has about 4mg of cannabinoids per pint.) And, as the brewers note, the hops plant—a standard ingredient in all beers—and cannabis come from the same biological family, cannabaceae.

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To help get the budding brew on store shelves around the U.S., the brewery running a Kickstarter campaign. The upside of donating? The brand will offer fans a chance to become “Rebel Founders” and inscribe their names on the packaging.

As for the inspiration behind the name: The nation’s first president “was known to have ‘sown the Indian seed,'” as the brewers say.

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“This has never been done before,” they write on Kickstarter. “We are excited to pioneer in the cannabis beer movement. Even with reform sweeping the nation, this still feels rebellious to its core. So, we admitted to needing a leader that has led rebels to victory in the past; Washington wins again!”

But hey, cannabinoids aren’t everyone’s style. If regular, y’know, beer beer sounds more like your style, you can always go for one of these six healthy brews.

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