Sufferfest Brews An Electrolyte Beer for Athletes Looking to Boost Recovery

Sufferfest FKT beer
Sufferfest FKT beerJessica Hamel

A pale ale with fitness perks? Genius. Made by athletes, for athletes, Sufferfest is the beer every running and tri club will be celebrating races with this summer.



“Sharing post-race beers is a big part of the running community,” says Caitlin Landesberg, a California- based trail runner and Sufferfest founder.

Look for the just-released FKT (an athlete’s acronym for fastest-known time). All the beers are gluten-free, but FKT is an electrolyte-enhanced brew that includes a bump of vitamin C from black currant.

“As long as you’re drinking it after a hard effort, it made sense to create options with recovery benefits, as well,” Landsberg says.

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