Supplement Guide 2013

Supplement Guide 2013

If your body were a car, then food would be the fuel that tops up your tank and gives you the energy you need to perform. It gets you from A to B. However, as evidenced by the advent of the muscle car, simply getting from A to B has never been quite enough for us. We want to get there faster and go farther. Think of supplements as the turbochargers and add-ons that can unlock the full potential of your body. The right ones will rev up your metabolism, knock your intensity into high gear, and accelerate your muscle gains. In the following guides, you’ll find our best advice for picking the most effective supplements to get you firing on all cylinders and put you on the highway to a stronger, leaner, and healthier body.

Protein Buyer’s Guide Q & A


Fat Burner Buyer’s Guide Q & A


Blueprint Protein Guide


Blueprint Fat Burner Guide

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