Tabasco Lovers Rejoice! It’s Now Available in a Fancy Glass Gallon Jug

 Image via Tabasco

It is now safe to cross the Tabasco sauce lover in your life off the holiday gift list. 

The company is now offering all of its seven flavors in glass gallon jugs. The same kind that house Carlo Rossi wine. If you felt so inclined, you could hold one by your pinky on the little handle on top and sip away. A recent shipment to our office confirms, they are massive.

The bottles range in price from $42.25 to $51.50, depending on the flavor: Original Red, Green Jalapeño, Chipotle, Garlic Pepper, Habanero, Buffalo Style and SWEET & Spicy. These bottles can also be personalized for any heat seeker, with messages containing up to 20 characters.

Check out the full range here to ensure you never run out of Tabasco again or you need something to lift in a pinch for that big kettlebell workout.