Tart Cherries Slow Your Brain From Rotting

brain health, healthy foods

Michigan has a Great Lake, a top football team—and, now, scientists say, a cherry that could help keep you smart.

Tart cherries— the bright, lighter-colored ones (75% of which come from Michigan)—may slow degenerative brain diseases, tests show. When mice with Alzheimer’s symptoms were fed cherry extract, fish oil, and emu oil, they did better on cogni- tive tests like object recognition.

Antioxidants in tart cherries, as well as “elevated anthocyanins [red coloring] in tart versus sweet cherries” may combat neurodegeneration, says study head Gary Dunbar, Ph.D.

Tart cherries are in season now, so pick up a few bushels on the way home—before you forget.

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