The Tasty, Ultra-Nutritious Open-Faced Sandwich You’ve Never Tried: Smørrebrød

Smoked salmon sandwich

We have the Danes to thank for creating one of the healthiest, heartiest, most satisfying sandwiches ever, the smørrebrød (repeat after us: SMUHR-broht). 

A thick slab of whole-grain bread traditionally coated with butter, so it doesn’t get soggy (though in our version, we’ve opted for a healthier mix of light sour cream and Icelandic yogurt, or “skyr”), the smørrebrød is then piled high with a healthy protein—most often omega-3-rich smoked salmon, herring, or eel—and finished off with fresh veggies and herbs.  

Btw, you’ll need to have your knife and fork at the ready: That’s the most traditional—and only really practical—way to eat this monster. 

“It’s the most wholesome fast food in the world,” says chef Claus Meyer, whose Great Northern Food Hall in NYC includes a smørrebrød restaurant. We adapted one of his recipes—a nuanced, flavorful open-faced delight with smoked salmon, roe, tart horseradish, and dill.  

“The smørrebrød,” Meyer says, “is beautiful both to look at and to eat.”

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Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød


1⁄4 cup light sour cream
31⁄2 tbsp skyr
1 tbsp horseradish
1 tsp chopped fresh dill
1 tsp chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
1 tsp lemon juice
Kosher salt, ground pepper
4 slices Danish whole-grain rye bread
8 oz sliced smoked salmon
3 radishes, thinly sliced
2 tbsp salmon roe (optional)
Dill sprigs

1) Whisk together the sour cream, skyr, horseradish, dill, parsley, and lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper.
2) Spread the mixture on the slice of bread. Layer with the smoked salmon, radishes, and dot with the roe. Sprinkle with dill.

218 calories, 24g protein, 18g carbs, 6g fat

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