Texas Man Arrested For Stealing Over $1 Million Worth of Fajitas

Photo by Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images

Gilberto Escaramilla has a thing for fajitas.

The Texas man admitted to authorities that he stole $1.2 million worth of the dish during nine years of his employment for the South Texas juvenile justice department. 

According to the Brownsville Herald, Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz said Escaramilla was fired back in August when a search warrant turned up packages of the missing fajitas in his freezer. County investigators then looked at invoices, determining he was intercepting food deliveries meant for the county. Then would deliver the packages to personal customers. 

The great fajita caper came to a close when Escaramilla recently missed a day of work and a delivery for 800 pounds of fajitas arrived at the juvenile department. There was just one problem.

The juvenile department doesn’t serve fajitas.

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