The Best Bar Rock Band Get Their Own Beer


There's a lot wrong with the world, but great beer is pretty easy to find, and the vinyl record resurgence has proven itself not to be a passing fad, so it isn't all that bad. One of the great combinations, drinking and rock music go hand in hand, and few bands have embodied that beautiful combination over the last decade or so quite like The Hold Steady. With the perfect mix of bar rock, The Boss, and lyrics about messed up punk rockers in the Midwest, you can savor a six pack while going through their discography and everything will feel great. 

Maybe that's why Virginia's Champion Brewing Company collaborating with the band to make a white ale called Positive Jam (from the band's 2004 debut record Almost Killed Me) makes so much sense. According to Hunter W. Smith, the brewery's president and head brewer, a customer suggested that Champion reach out to the band after collaborating with other groups like Against Me! and NOFX. "It was a no brainer," Smith says. 

And although the brewery isn't located in Brooklyn or the Twin Cities, the two places the band is most associated with, Smith doesn't think location makes much of a difference when it comes to great beer. "I think our experience working with bands made for a great fit," he says, mentioning the ale is making its debut at lead singer Craig Finn's (who also had a hand in making his own beer in 2012) upcoming solo show in Charlottesville.

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