The Calorie Calculator – How Many Calories Do You Need?


A. Take your weight (in pounds) and multiply it by 11: _____. This is the amount of calories your body burn to stay alive.


B. Multiply the value you calculated for A by 1.5: _____. This is how many calories your body burns going through normal, daily activities.


C. Multiply the number of minutes per week you lift weights by 5: _____.
(For example, four one-hour workouts per week would be 240 minutes.)


D. Multiply the number of minutes per week you run, cycle, or play sports by 8: _____.


E. Add the values for C and D, then divide by 7: _____.


F. Add the values for B and E to get your daily calorie needs: _____.
(This is the number of calories you ned to maintain your body weight in your current lifestyle.)

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