The Craft Beer Punks at BrewDog Announce U.S. Brewery Plans

Scottish BrewDog will begin building a new brewery in Columbus, Ohio.
Scottish BrewDog will begin building a new brewery in Columbus, Ohio. Courtesy BrewDog

BrewDog, the bold and provocative Scottish craft brewery, has announced after months of teasing that it will build a new brewhouse in the U.S. The eight-year-old operation announced it plans to open up a 42-acre, 100,000 square foot "kick ass" brewery in Columbus, Ohio — a city once considered by Stone Brewing for expansion.  

BrewDog had a difficult start in 2007, its first year, where it struggled to simply pay off a $30,000 loan. But by 2010, BrewDog brought in $3.6 million in revenue, and hasn't looked back since, increasing that tenfold by 2014. This jump in success came from one big break in particular, winning a competition to get stocked on Tesco supermarket shelves in the U.K., which led to massive production. Their beers, with names like Punk IPA, Dead Pony Club, and Jackhammer have raised some eyebrows, but customers keep coming back for the BrewDog's blend of inventive, brash, and often high alcohol content (as much as 41 percent) brews. BrewDog describes its seasonal Electric India, for instance, as "a hoppy saison brewed with lashings of heather honey" and "crushed black peppercorns."  

The Columbus location will be BrewDog's second brewery, on top of their home base in Aberdeen, Scotland, and the company also plans to open up several bars throughout the U.S. Most importantly, eliminating the maritime voyage now allows all BrewDog beers to maintain peak freshness.