The ‘Guaranteed-to-Get-You-Loaded’ Winter Olympics Drinking Game!

Close up of tequila splashing out of glass
 Getty Images

Grab a bottle, some buds, and some shot glasses and follow these rules to, uh, liven up your viewing experience with our carefully crafted Olympic Drinking Game.

Drink every time …

  • It snows
  • North Korea is mentioned
  • An athlete weeps
  • Mikala Shiffrin talks smack
  • A skier eats it
  • A figure-skating coach looks pouty
  • Trump angry-tweets about athletes kneeling
  • A Nordic country takes gold
  • NBC airs a sappy personal-interest segment
  • Russian doping is brought up
  • It sleets
  • The Miracle on Ice is referenced
  • A female athlete is called “America’s sweetheart”
  • The U.S. medals
  • Mike Tirico offers an inspirational platitude
  • A Visa logo appears