The Right Glass for Sparkling Wine

Maybe beer is your thing. And that's okay. But every man should know how to serve sparkling wine properly. White wine glass? Champagne glass? Coupe? And how high up the glass should the wine reach? To show us how to pour and serve it correctly, we enlisted the help of Susan Lueker, director of winemaking at SIMI Winery.

And the reward for doing this the right way is multifold: your wine will stay cool, you'll be able to see the glistening bead of the wine (that's insider speak for bubbles), and you'll get superior aromatics. Don't believe us? Watch the video and grab a bottle of SIMI's Brut Sparkling Wine ($32) or SIMI's Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine ($40), both celebrating the company's 140th anniversary, and practice for yourself.