There’s a Tequila Shortage Coming. Here’s What to Know

Image via Hector Guerrero / Bloomberg / Getty

Enjoy those happy hour margaritas while you can.

An agave (tequila’s main ingredient) shortage is hitting Mexico as tequila demand has increased worldwide. According to Reuters, the plant’s price has gone up sixfold in the past two years. Tequila makers would prefer to use mature plants that have been growing for six-plus years but have had to turn to using younger plants. This ends up having them run through more agave and, eventually, producing less tequila.

This shortage is also giving away to theft of the plants. With demand so high, middle-of-the-night thieveries are becoming more and more common. Even the big-name tequila companies are getting hit.

Margaritas being prepared from an overhead view

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“We are sure this will have a strong impact on the big firms such as Cuervo or Sauza,” said Raul Garcia, president of the National Committee for Agave Production in Tequila, a group that includes most agave producers in the country. “We don’t see that the problem will be resolved soon, and that’s what worries us.”

However, Patron and Sauza have said they are not currently experiencing issues paying for agave and look to continue growing.

Before all the tequila dries up, make sure to start running through the best varieties in the world.

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