This Giant Inflatable Irish Pub Can Now Be Yours


Plenty of us dream of owning our own Irish pub, but between the upkeep and rent, the liquor licenses and the awful patrons, it makes more sense just to drink at home. Well, Inflatable Pub has given us all a way to do both.

Your own Irish pub is just a few calls and ten minutes of setup away, thanks to a company smart enough to look at bouncy castles and say, “What if we could put a keggerator in there?”

Inflatable Pub is an Irish company (obviously) that sells and rents inflatable Irish pubs. How exactly would you use an inflatable pub? The obvious answer would be for a wedding, but getting creative with a big tailgate or a birthday party would seem perfectly reasonable as well.

You’ll need to furnish it and figure out your own bar setup, but if you’re the type of person who’d even consider renting or purchasing an inflatable pub, we will go ahead and assume this isn’t a problem for you.

The price to own one ranges $1,900 for the 30-person Shack to about $6,000 for the 65 person Mac. 

Of course renting one might be smarter and more cost effective for your needs, especially if you only want to do this once. If that’s the case, Inflatable Pub has a convenient listing of rental partners including most of the U.S. that can help you out for a day or two and then get it out of your yard before it kills your grass.

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