Three Great Recipes for Fresh Summer Vegetables

 Getty Images

Summer is the season to relish fresh fruits and vegetables. We asked three chefs from across the country for their go-to green market pick, and what they do with it when they hit the kitchen. 

Charred Eggplants

These speckled, multihued beauties show up at summer’s peak. Erik Oberholzter, of the California restaurant chain Tender Greens, treats them like this: “Coat with oil and grill until tender. Toss in a bowl with some vinegar and heirloom tomatoes, put the bowl on the grill until the tomatoes blister and release their juice, then add some fresh herbs.”

Sautéed Hard-Shell Peas

These are a summer favorite of David Hughes, who manages New York City’s Union Square Greenmarket. “Shell them, then sauté with some oil, butter, and mint, and they sing,” he says.

Carmelized Italian Prune Plums

These egg-shaped mini-plums are easy to pit and taste great cooked, says Brian Scheehser, chef of Trellis, near Seattle. Here’s how he does it: “Cut in half and toss with a little sugar. Set them on top of a tart shell and put them in the oven until they soften.”