Three Ways to Eat Less


Shrinking your gut doesn’t have to mean making drastic diet changes. In fact, sometimes it’s the little food tweaks that add up to big differences when it comes to weight loss. One reason why: It’s easier to stick to a realistic plan rather than overhauling your eating, failing, and in turn killing your motivation to do anything at all. These three easy tweaks will help you to eat less overall, without even realizing it. Implement them and watch the pounds melt off. 

1. Keep fat and sugar in the kitchen
After you’ve prepared your meal and seasoned it, leave butter, sugar, ketchup, and other calorie-laden condiments in the kitchen—away from the table where you’ll be tempted to use them.

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2. Eat more slowly
A 2013 study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that subjects who ate at a leisurely pace were less hungry after meals than when they were rushed. They also ate less food during the meal itself.

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3. Leave the evidence
Don’t let anyone clear your place at the table until the meal is done. Leaving bones, shells, wrapping papers, and anything else that creates clutter can help you appreciate what you’ve already eaten and dissuade you from eating more.

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