Throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

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If you want to throw a killer Super Bowl party for your friends, you don’t just want to rip open a bag of chips and serve it with salsa. You want to hook them up! Here are some east tips for whipping up a juicy, healthy, and inexpensive spread…

8 Healthier Versions of Gameday Foods

  • Prep as much as you can the night before. Invest in a Crock Pot (or slow-cooker, for you uninitiated) and make a one-pot chipotle chili. All you need to do is throw all the ingredients in the pot, set it on low before you go to bed, and then it’ll be ready in the morning for your all-day tailgate.
  • Have options for your meat-loving and vegan guests. Try this killer marinade for carne asada tacos that also works well with sliced portobello—for the non-carnivores at your party.
  • You don’t need to break the bank. Get creative with some inexpensive swap-outs. Don’t want to spend an entire paycheck on actual lobster rolls? Make poor man’s lobster rolls. Substitute super-cheap imitation crab for lobster and mix with minced shallots, chopped dill, Greek yogurt, light mayo, lemon juice, and chopped celery. Stuff them in rolls or Bibb lettuce.
  • Give your guacamole an Asian twist. Instead of salt, use low-sodium soy sauce. And mix in non-fat Greek yogurt for a creamier texture. Finally, don’t put out as many chips with your dip. Instead, double the crudite. That means fresh endive, fresh tomatoes, and fresh cauliflower florets.
  • Serve detoxifying sides like coleslaw. The fennel seeds in this coleslaw contain detoxifying properties, and cabbage itself is a natural diuretic. (For more detox juice and smoothie recipes, pick up my new book, Clean Green Drinks, in April 2014.)

Super Bowl Recipe: One-Pot Slow Cooker Chili

Super Bowl Recipe: Carne Asada Tacos

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