Timeless Muscle: 5 Anti-aging Foods to Add to Your Diet

1109 red cabbage

As our bodies age, they go through an array of changes that might make us feel older than we really are. Muscle mass starts to break down, GH and testosterone levels begin to decrease, and we even lose elasticity in our skin.

Adding these foods to your shopping cart will have an immediate impact:

1. Salmon

Just one 3.5-ounce serving of wild salmon provides you with 25 grams of protein and supports T production.

2. Garlic

The stinking rose contains allicin, a compound that fights cortisol—aka the stress hormone that negatively affects T levels.

3. Cabbage

It’s an inverse property: The higher your estrogen levels, the lower your testosterone levels. Help keep estrogen at bay by snacking on cruciferous veggies like cabbage that are rich in phytochemicals, which can block estrogen production.

4. Eggs

Whole eggs—including the yolks—provide a hormone boost; plus, the cholesterol and the amino acid aspartic can help trigger T production.

5. Grass-fed Beef

Healthy saturated fats found in foods like grass-fed beef were shown to boost T levels by up to 13%, according to a study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


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