We Traveled to the Rocky Mountains to Try Tincup Rye, a Brand-New Colorado Whiskey

When you think of American whiskey, Kentucky and Tennessee are likely the first places that come to mind. But you might want to look a little farther west for your next bottle: Tincup whiskey is making high-quality blended American whiskeys in the mountains of Colorado, and the company just expanded its portfolio with the new Tincup Rye. We headed out to the Centennial State to get the scoop on the label’s newest bottle.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Tincup was founded by Jess Graber, who has been distilling whiskey since 1972. He started out when he was bequeathed his first still, he told Men’s Journal. At the time, Colorado-made whiskey was unheard of.

“Nobody’d done it before,” he said. “I gave it a shot and it worked out pretty good.”

The company gets its name from the old mining town of Tincup, Colorado, and it’s a nod to both the town and the tin cups that miners used to sip whiskey from back in the day. The original Tincup whiskey is a blend of “high rye” bourbon and Colorado single malt, which is then cut with natural spring water. Tincup 10 uses the same formula but ages it in oak barrels for a decade (we’re big fans of that bottle).

According to Graber, the new, 100-percent rye whiskey presents tasting notes of wood and leather, with a smooth finish. The new bottle owes its robust, clean taste in part to the water that’s used to make it: It’s sourced from a natural spring outside of Boulder, Colorado.

“We cut all our whiskeys with that water,” Graber said. “We think it makes all the difference in the world.”

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Tincup rye is now available in limited markets, including Colorado. Stay tuned for more updates in 2020, and get all the info on the new whiskey in the video above.

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