Try a Blue Moon White IPA Before Everyone Else


I’m not much of a beer drinker. But when I do toss a couple back, they’ve got to be quality. Especially if I’m going to tack on some extra calories into the reserve. I have my spot in the fridge for a select variety; there’s always a pilsner, a pale, dark, blonde, and of course, an IPA. Coincidentially, I just got my hands on a sample of Blue Moon White, and before everyone else. Nothin’ better than trying a good brew before all your friends. #Trendsetter.

Blue Moon Company just recently announced that you can get your shot at trying it early, too. The White doesn’t make its national debut until April 1, but starting this week, select locations (which they will leak on their social sites) in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Nashville will offer a limited number of beer lovers a chance for an early taste.

Keith Villa, founder and head brewmaster of Blue Moon Brewing Company wanted to do something different. “We started with wheat, orange peel, and coriander; ingredients that originally inspired Blue Moon Belgian White. Then, we searched hop-after-hop through a lot of varieties until we discovered a rare German hop called Huell Melon, which complements the citrus flavors in the beer. We ultimately wanted to brew a beer that captures the best of both styles: part American IPA and part Belgian-Style White. And since we had so much fun finding ingredients, we thought it would be fun to get our fans in on the search as well.”

Get on it, boys.

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