Try This Tonight: 100-Calorie Coconut Sake Cocktails

Tyku rotator

Been drinking the same booze since, well, before you were legally allowed to drink booze? There’s way more out there than the beers you’ve been slugging since your college days—plus, you’re not going impress your dates when they come over and find a fridge stocked with ketchup, butter…and whiskey. 

Take a chance and broaden your palate with one of the MF staff’s favorite drinks—sake. A remarkably clean alcohol brewed from rice, most sakes contain 15-17% ABV and can be an impressive addition to your bare liquor cabinet. We hooked up with our friends at Ty Ku ( to get a few recipes you can whip out in a pinch and they hooked us up with a surprise—coconut. Before you blast it, try it, and remember this: all four of these cocktails are physique friendly, clocking in at 100 calories or less. Your abs—and hopefully, your date—will thank you in the morning. 

2 oz coconut sake
1 oz TY KU Soju
4-5 muddled blueberries
Garnish with mint
81 calories

Coconut Wonder
2 oz coconut sake
1.5 oz POM Wonderful
Mint leaves
Splash of agave nectar
91 calories

Tokyo Sea Breeze
2 oz coconut sake
1 oz cranberry juice
1 oz pineapple juice
94 calories

1 oz coconut sake
2 oz club soda
1 oz coconut-flavored vodka
1-2 muddled strawberries
96 calories

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