Two New Fat-Loss Secrets You Need to Know About

Two New Fat-Loss Secrets You Need to Know About

Q: Is there an order I should eat my foods in? Does it matter?

Dr. Shred: Sliding Nutrient Density is a major principle of the program I reveal in my book. It means eating your morecalorie- dense foods earlier in the day, and your more-nutrientdense foods later on. For instance, you can eat red meat and eggs in the morning, then stick to leaner protein sources like fish and fibrous vegetables in the afternoon and evening. The idea is that, by eating the more-caloric foods earlier, you’ll have enough time to burn off the extra calories as the day goes on.

Q: How do I get my body to burn more fat?

Dr Shred: Negative Energy Balance is a key to rapid weight loss. You must expend more calories than you consume. This forces your body to go into the fat stores for energy, and that will help you lose weight quickly. The Super Shred program harnesses this principle and puts it into your daily life without you even noticing a difference.

Ian Smith a.k.a Dr. Shred, M.D., is a sports-medicine specialist and the author of Super Shred: The Big Results Diet, available Dec. 24. E-mail questions to him at [email protected].

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