The Best Testosterone-Boosting Foods to Naturally Raise Your Hormone Levels

Squash, kale, oysters, and lemon
Foods like squash, kale, and oysters are naturally high in vitamins and minerals to help boost testosterone levels.Levi Brown

If you feel your testosterone levels are lagging, but aren’t considering testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT), you can increase your levels naturally by adjusting your workout and lifestyle habits. One of the easiest ways is to prioritize the best testosterone-boosting foods. The ultimate T-boosting meal comprises foods rich in B vitamins and minerals like zinc.



You should also up your intake of items high in protein and vitamin D, such as steak, eggs, oysters, salmon, nuts, milk, and yogurt, and get a good night’s sleep, all of which help build muscle and up T production.

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It’s worth noting, raising testosterone levels naturally takes time. While TRT can raise T in a matter of weeks, changes in habits may take months or even years to achieve the same result. But consider the fact you’ll be side-stepping any negative side effects and reaping the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Get started with this menu of testosterone-boosting foods.

The Ultimate T-Boosting Meal: Best Testosterone-Boosting Foods

One glass (8 ounces) organic skim milk

Skim milk contains less estrogen—a testosterone downer—than full fat but still has T-building protein.

2 to 3 cups freshly chopped kale and spinach…

Spinach and kale have plenty of magnesium, an essential mineral for maintaining high amounts of T.

…tossed with 1 cup cooked butternut squash, chopped (skin removed)…

Slow-digesting carbs from starchy plants like squash tamp down blood-sugar levels, keeping T topped off.

…topped with 5 to 6 ounces steamed oysters, marinated in lemon juice and roasted garlic (2 garlic cloves per 5 ounces)

Oysters are packed with zinc, a mineral that increases levels of testosterone and growth factor-1.

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