Alexa Can Now Tell You When You’ve Had Enough to Drink

 Image via Amazon

Last week, Amazon’s Alexa started counting your adult beverages. Cancer Research UK launched the My Alcohol Tracker through the personal home assistant to help raise awareness between consuming alcohol and different kinds of cancer, according to a statement. Users of the platform and alcoholic drinks can set their own limits within the system or use the Cancer Research UK’s guidelines. 

All that is needed is to alert Alexa to what you’ve sipped on. For example “Alexa, ask my alcohol tracker to add one Smirnoff Ice Raspberry, 12 ounces.” 

The new Alexa skill not only will track drinks, it will offer up user encouragement as well. If the limit is exceeded, Alexa will bring up ideas on how to cut down. The limit can be set at however many drinks the user deems necessary. Cancer Research UK suggests 14 units per week—a pint of beer is two units and a large glass of wine is roughly three units. 

Read the full statement here.