Two Tainted Whiskies Send 22 People to the Hospital

 Getty Images

Twenty two people in China’s southern Guangdong province were hospitalized after enjoying a few whiskeys.

But this was no simple case of drinking too much: the liquor contained methanol instead of the alcohol commonly found in whiskey, ethanol. According to reporting from Sixth Tone, the customers experienced dizziness, vomiting, visual impairment, and some even slipped into comas. 

Muse, a bar in Heyuang, a city in Guangdong, had been serving the hazardous whiskey over the course of a week. Local government officials conducted an inspection of the bar and identified two flavored whiskeys, Flylions and Faliya, as containing the methanol that got so many people sick. The bar’s owners could not find the receipt for the purchase of the bottles. 

Liu Yiming, a representative for Flylions and Faliya, believes that their brand was counterfeited and claimed they did not produce the whiskey in question. On Saturday, the China Food and Drug Administration banned the sale of both. Ingesting methanol can seriously impair eyesight and even cause blindness in some cases—which is a hell of a lot worse than a temporary case of double vision.