Want Better Stamina? Try Drinking This.

Main why beet juice works

Nitrates may be the next protein powder in the sense that athletes are taking them down in hopes of boosting their workout results. And for good reason: The compound has been shown to increase endurance and stamina—and help you exercise up to 16 percent longer.

But how exactly does nitrate help you to tap in to beast mode? According to a recent study in The FASEB Journal, it thins out your blood so it can flow more easily to hard working muscles.

However, you don’t have to take another pill to get the effect (especially if you’re already taking the 5 Best Supplements for Men.) In fact, beets are super rich in nitrates and concentrated beet juice shots could be the simplest way to get your dose. A separate study by Kansas State University researchers found that tossing back a 2.4 oz shot of the stuff (like Beet It Sport Shot) two hours pre-workout can get you the benefits. Or, whip up this easy “Beet The Competition” juice recipe.

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