Ryan Reynolds’ New Aviation Gin Ad Throws Mustache Shade at Henry Cavill

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The Internet’s favorite celebrity troll, Ryan Reynolds, is back to promote his Aviation Gin brand—and lampoon Justice League, too.

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In an ad for the gin, the Deadpool star poked fun at the DC Comics film and its star, Henry Cavill. Reynolds sported a mustache, holding aloft a mug of gin and asking, “Does Aviation Gin make you feel like a superhero?” He drinks, and when the lowers the cup, the ’stache has vanished. As some very brassy Superman-style music kicks up, Reynolds swipes at the CG-erased mustache and stumbles off-camera. “I’m so sorry about this,” the actor captioned the post.

The ad never mentions Cavill or Justice League by name, but by now, surely every superhero fan is aware of Mustache-gate. In 2017, Cavill was filming Mission: Impossible—Fallout for Paramount while Warner Bros. wanted him back for Justice League reshoots. But Paramount won out, and Warner Bros. used CGI to remove Superman’s mustache in post-production, resulting in the character having a severely uncanny upper lip for much of the film.

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The ad also promotes Movember, the annual campaign spotlighting men’s mental health. For more information, check out the movement’s website. If you’re keen to take part, all you need to do is grow out a mustache and start conversations. Don’t take the easy way out and CGI one on.

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Reynolds’ gin promo falls nicely in line with the puckish actor’s previous stunts, including his ongoing (fake) rivalry with Hugh Jackman. And it’s also on-brand for Aviation Gin: The company has enjoyed more than a few bizarre ads championed by Reynolds’ mischievous star power. One hilarious ad capitalized on the social media feud between him and Jackman, and another video showed the gin-making process, which involves spraying fruit with Reynolds’ tears and serenading the gin bottles before they’re shipped out.

The actor appeared in Detective Pikachu and Hobbs & Shaw earlier this year. He also stars in the action film 6 Underground, which premieres on Netflix Dec. 13. His superheroic, mustache-erasing gin is available right now online.

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