Taste Test: We Tried Michael Jordan’s New Cincoro Tequila

Some might say it’s a little too early to be drinking tequila. It’s before noon, and there are four glasses in front of us. I’ve never drank tequila by itself this early in the day before, let alone slowly sipped it. But I have a good reason: Finding out what, exactly, the tequila tastes like from Cincoro Tequila. First on the table: the $70 Cincoro Blanco. In short, you can forget the lime or salt.

The Cincoro Blanco is one of the four bottles that will be available to buy across the country next year from the new brand, which was announced in September from founders Jeanie Buss, Emilia Fazzalari, Wyc Grousbeck, Wes Edens, and Michael Jordan.

“Michael Jordan was involved in the brand from the very earliest days,” Chris Spake, VP of Trade Development at Cincoro Tequila, tells Men’s Journal in the video above. “He has a colleague, Mark Smith, who worked with him at Nike and designed some of his shoes. And so Mark came up with a bottle. First of all, the bottle had to have relevance to the category, and it’s shaped like an agave leaf. There’s nothing like this. It has five sides because there are five partners.”

Cincoro’s prices for its four bottles cover just about every bar cart budget, starting with the Blanco; $90 for the Reposado; $130 for Anejo; and, finally, the Extra Anejo for $1,600. (Yes, there’s an extra zero there.) This bottle is 40 months old, and according to Spake, tough to produce.

“It’s rare,” Spake says. “And if you make it, and it’s old, you really want it to still have agave flavor. So, on the nose, this has a lot more up-front toasted oak. It’s just a lot more woody because of its age. But it has all the hallmark attributes that you’d look for in a finely aged spirit. It’s got dried fruits and more spices. It picks up more spices from the wood.

“And then…”

It was finally time to drink it.

Watch the full video above to learn more about Cincoro’s line of new tequilas.

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