WET Hydration is Here to Deliver a Guilt Free Thirst Quenching Drink Into Your Life

WET Hydration

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It can be hard to live a healthy life. Putting things into our bodies that don’t do more damage than good. Especially when it comes to drinks that have a rich flavor to them. Luckily, WET Hydration is here to deliver some guilt-free drinks for your life with 0 Calories, 0 Sugar, Vegan, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free beverages.

Getting started in 2020, WET Hydration Spencer Altschul and Robert Lowe was started by Spencer Altschul and Robert Lowe (CEO/Founder & COO, respectively). These two guys bonded at a dinner for a mutual friend in Las Vegas. Bonded over their shared entrepreneurial spirit that would lead them to flipping houses to get the capital to make these amazing drinks.

Launching in August 2020, WET Hydration came out with 3 amazing flavors to hydrate your life when you need to recharge. Watermelon Lime, Orange Mango, and Peach Pineapple. Each flavorful sip of this drink is packed to the gills with antioxidants to improve the immune system, hydrate the system, and improve skin elasticity/vibrancy.

This is a brand that these two men started to make an impact. To bring people together and stand for something more. They even use the name WET to mean “Weaving Everyone Together”. To get a better sense of this company and the thinking behind it, check out the interview with Altschul below.

WET Hydration

How did you come up with the idea of creating a beverage venture?

In 2018, I [Altschul] was introduced to a new and innovative beverage, which sparked my imagination and desire to create a beverage product. A year later, Robert Lowe, COO of WET Hydration, joined me on the journey of creating a unique beverage line that consumers could stick to and depend on throughout the entire day – one that provided benefits for all. We wanted to create a brand that people could find meaning in, hence WET stands for ‘Weaving Everyone Together.’ We drew inspiration from America’s most vibrant cities: Las Vegas, New York, and Miami to design the branding and packaging. WET’s sleek, minimalistic packaging is unlike ordinary beverages in the marketplace – it has character and artistic flare.


What makes WET different from other options on the market?

WET immediately differentiates itself from other beverages on the shelf by its packaging and minimalistic branding–this allows its ingredients to do the talking. Traditionally speaking, a product with minimalistic packaging with clean ingredients is not the industry norm. Once the cap is twisted off, the benefits and functionality (quite literally) pour out. Each bottle consists of carefully curated nutrients to provide total hydration. WET supports specific health goals and functionality; including energy and immunity boosts, replenishing electrolytes, and the most beneficial vitamins on the market.

WET’s nutritional benefits stem from the functional ingredients added to each bottle. Each SKU has its unique purpose – with active ingredients leading the charge, it makes each SKU functional, healthy, and benefit-driven. Each recipe was developed with a functionality-first mindset while prioritizing what consumers look for in daily consumption. All this, while maintaining 0 cal + 0 sugar was a big factor for us as caloric and sugar intake is an integral part of our brand.


Why do consumers love WET?

I believe our initial success with consumers is rooted in WET’s modern, sleek, and minimalistic design – it fosters the feeling of a premium product. We believe that what you carry and what you put in your body says something about an individual. The taste of WET has always been a top priority. Our early adopters were drawn to our beverages’ taste and innovative formulas. Consumers like variety, so we made sure WET offered flavor profiles that would get everyone’s taste buds excited! WET Hydration is a refreshing, fun, and inclusive beverage brand that is aimed at making its consumers feel their best. WET is more than just another beverage, the brand’s goal is to foster a sense of community and to help others live their healthiest lives.

Thanks to our supporters we are able to continue growing our team, expand our product lines, and further establish our retail presence. We currently have two new SKUs in the pipeline, one featuring caffeine and another that helps with neutralizing body toxins. We also plan on developing an innovative powder product line that offers similar benefits to ready-to-drink products. We can’t wait for our supporters to see and try what’s next for WET Hydration.


What does Weaving Everyone Together mean to you?

‘Weaving Everyone Together’ is critical to our brand. It was important to Robert and me to create something more than just another beverage brand, we wanted to build a brand that one could find meaning in. What we love about the mantra ‘Weaving Everyone Together’ is that it is all-encompassing and community-driven. Whether people are re-connecting over the brand, gathering together and sharing a cold WET drink, or weaving their day together through different functionalities, WET’s main goal is to serve a greater purpose. Our mission has always been to create a premium product line that serves as a pillar of inclusivity. The WET Hydration team is currently working on putting together an event in 2023 which will be our philanthropic debut. Robert and I firmly believe that true success doesn’t exist without giving back to your community.